The Tai Chi Gala
& Intuitive Arts Retreat

Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re new to or familiar with Tai Chi, the Chinese healing or martial arts… This event is for you!  Experience this intriguing, fun, and life transforming event.

June 1-3, 2018 Tai Chi Gala   |   June 4-7, 2018 Gathering of the Circle – Jiulong Baguazhang

Countdown to Tai Chi Gala - Begins June 1!








Tai Chi Gala occurs at the 175-acre retreat property of “Lindenmere” (Henryville, PA).

Tai Chi Master Jou Tsung Hwa originally founded the event and named it the “Zhang San Feng Festival,” after the legendary ancient founder of tai chi chuan, Grandmaster Zhang San Feng. The purpose is to UNITE all those interested in: tai chi, qigong, Taoist internal arts, and the intuitive/holistic arts in a spirit of sharing, and FUN.

It has been renamed “Tai Chi Gala” to make the name easier to understand and remember. The event has been traditionally followed by Dr. Painter’s Gathering of the Circle – Jiulong Baguazhang, so we continue that here.

Once registered, you can join any and all the workshops and activities you want, whenever you want! The topics are plentiful and rare – learn things to enhance your life, in: tai chi, qigong, Chinese martial arts, Eastern philosophy (Taoism/Buddhism) meditation, qi energy development, mind/body healing, push hands, self-defense, self-development, natural healing, and SO much more…  There’s something for everyone, guaranteed.

Tai Chi Gala provides the ultimate choice of: an active learning vacation, or a relaxing, transformative personal retreat. Some activites are leisurely and others are dynamic. The atmosphere is always welcoming, respectful, and POSITIVE. YOU choose exactly what YOU want. YOU create the event as it unfolds! A wonderful time awaits you in June!


You can lodge on the retreat center grounds low cost,  OR  make your own arrangements in local hotels (scroll down for info):

On-Site Lodging

A shared hostel-style bunk room with others. You can choose same-gender, or mixed-gender lodging. Up to 10 people per bunk cabin.

“First-come, first-choose” your own bunk bed fitted with a clean mattress. NOTE: You must provide your own: pillow, sleeping bag, or sheets/blankets, and towels.

The rooms are air-conditioned in the event of a heat wave (which is unlikely this time of year in this area of Pennsylvania).

You should keep valuables stored in your car or leave them at home. You can also opt to lock your luggage to the bunk and luggage-lock the zippers.

You will have access to shared full bathrooms (same-gender) with private hot showers.

Consider attending with a bunch of friends to reserve your own cabin! Up to 10 people.

Policy is that you should NOT socialize or conduct business in the sleeping cabins, as people using them first and foremost have the right to undisturbed sleeping space.

Pitch your tent if you desire your own private camping space! Camp in designated areas and near the cabins, because you will have the right to use the cabins’ bathrooms and showers. No cooking or fires allowed on the grounds, no digging holes, and no playing of portable stereos.

Policy is to respect the rights of people wishing to have quiet sleep time.

Please arrive only during daytime. No one will be able to assist you off-hours. The retreat center’s staff will direct you to designated fields or lots where you can keep your vehicle.

There are NO HOOK-UPS for electric or water, so be sure to supply and contain what you need. No generators are permitted. No playing music, etc, that can interfere with others – you may be in close proximity with other campers.

Remember, this is first and foremost a retreat center, not a campground, so please plan to find a sewer/dump center (perhaps in a truck stop) on your way back. Once parked into a camping area, please do what you can to make sure you don’t have to drive in and out from the area.

No fires, digging holes, or playing portable stereos. You will have the ability to use the bathrooms and showers of designated cabin areas.

For all above on-site lodging, these are costs PER PERSON (not per shared cabin or camping site).

On-Site Lodging Fees (Optional)

  • Package Deal (Fri night – Sun noon): $25 per person
  • Fri or Sat night only: $15 per day, per person

On-Site Lodging Fees for those registered for Dr. Painter’s Gathering of the Bagua Gathering: FREE!  Yes, you can lodge in the shared cabins, tent on-site, or reside in your RV, free, if you choose to do so for the nights of June 3-7!
NOTE: For shared cabins – you must bring your own bedding (sheets/blanket), pillow, and towels. No hotel service.

Off-Site Lodging

The two closest hotels are located about 1 mile from the retreat center, directly off of Interstate Route 80. These two hotels are:

It takes about 25 minutes to walk from the hotels to the Tai Chi Gala location.

Other hotels and lodging in the area include:

Staff will direct you where to park.


See our Travel and Transportation page for more information.


Meals (restaurant quality!) are generously provided for FREE by the retreat center for anyone registered for the Tai Chi Gala
or Dr. Painter’s week-long bagua training immersion!

New 2018 Design Coming Soon!  

(This is 2017’s Sample)

Tai Chi Gala shirts are always designed by a real artist, AND with feng shui principles!  This year’s shirt was designed by artist, “Von.”

The Chinese Zodiac year for 2017 is “Year of the Fire Rooster.”  The fire element is highlighted in red, and brings about auspicious changes and rapid transformations.  Balancing it, is the “stone blue” color of the shirt – which gives both a spiritual, limitless “sky” energy, as well as the stress-reducing and fire-tempering qualities of the “water” element.  A grounding, confident black Taoist/Zen style circle is displayed in the style of Chinese calligraphy/brushwork.  The year and the event are in English and Chinese, to ensure the dual nature of yin and yang in the “manifesting energy” of the artwork.

T-Shirts must be pre-ordered BEFORE May 10, 2017.

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Alpha State Events
The Tai Chi Gala is presented by Alpha State Events.

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