The Tai Chi Gala
& Intuitive Arts Retreat

Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

NOTE: Mail-in Registration has Expired. Please scroll down now to REGISTER ONLINE.

June 2-4, 2017 ~ Tai Chi Gala

Prices are per person and regardless of arrival time – so arrive as early as you can! Please do not ask for any exceptions. Thank you.

** All meals are complimentary for those who would like to enjoy them!  Yes, gluten-free and vegan options also at each meal.

** NOTE: Lodging in a shared cabin? – You are responsible to bring all your own bedding / sleeping bags, pillow, towels, etc.


June 2-4 ~ Fri, Sat & Sun

$325 per person

includes all meals

June 2 ~ Friday

$60 per person

includes dinner

June 3 ~ Saturday

$187 per person

includes meals

June 4 ~ Sunday

$100 per person

includes meals

Optional Lodging


$15 per person


$15 per person

Friday & Saturday

$25 per person

June 5-8, 2017 ~ Bagua Circle Gathering

** Begins June 5 @ 9 pm.

** Remember! ALL meals and/or on-site lodging is FREE if you wish to enjoy them!

** This includes free on-site lodging Sunday June 4. Mandatory check-out is 10 am Saturday June 9.

** NOTE: You are responsible to bring all your own bedding/sleeping bags, pillow, towels, etc.

June 5-8 ~ Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs

Event Registration

$450 per person

FREE Lodging

Tai Chi Gala T-Shirt

Show your love for the Tai Chi Gala!

T-Shirts must be pre-ordered BEFORE May 10, 2017.

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