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Friday, June 2

1:30 – 5:00 PM

Socialize in the Dining Hall while you wait to check in and enjoy the Friday Night Awards Dinner with the other attendees and presenters! You can also take a walk on the property and settle into your cabin, if lodging on-site, or camping area.  Relax, unwind, and enjoy.

6:00 – 10:30 PM

Be present for a mindful Awards Dinner – honoring those who have made a difference in themselves, their school, their community, their art, or the life of another with our special Honors Awards (email us your category ideas and nominations!)

THEN, join us in the evening for the Opening Ceremonies!   *SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY* You can take part in an authentic Taoist (Daoist) ceremony to honor the memory of the Great Teacher/Founder of the art of taijiquan, Zhang San Feng, and the founder of the original Zhang San Feng Festival of America – Master Jou Tsung Hwa, as well as any of YOUR teachers who have passed on. People of all faiths, beliefs, philosophies, arts and lineages are WELCOME to either participate or simply just observe. You may bring along any special symbols, or photos of any past teachers, family, or friends who influenced your path of self-devrlopment whom *YOU* wish to honor and remember. These will be placed on a memorial table. Everyone is welcome here. Led by Sf. Loretta Wollering and Dr. John Painter.

Saturday, June 3

6:00 – 7:00 AM

Early breakfast will also be open!


Chen Style “Silk Reeling” (Chan Si Jin) 4 Corners Warm-Ups – Sf. Violet Li

Chen Style, the oldest documented style of tai chi, is known for its intensive coiling movements called “silk reeling,” or “chan si jin.” This principle of Chen style is excellent to unlock tension, free up energy in the acupuncture meridians, relaxes the muscles and tones the fascia. In this year’s warm ups, Shifu Li will cover the silk reeling energy as it expresses through the “4 Corners” core movements of tai chi: cai (plucking/pull down), lie (split), zhou (elbow), and kao (shoulder strike).

8:00 – 9:30 AM -- SAMPLES FROM 2016. 2017 INFO COMING SOON!
  1. DaChengQuan/Yi Quan Core Principles For Use In All Martial Arts – Sf. Wang, RengGang
    Da Cheng Quan, which is commonly known as “Yiquan,” is a martial arts system created by the Chinese xingyiquan master, Wang Xiangzhai. It strips away a lot of the excess and gets to the “core” of martial and mental development, resulting in quick and effective combat skills. But even more than that, it develops a rock-solid mental stability and unshakeable inner peace. Its meditative qualities all serve a purpose, and as a side effect, lead to all the excellent health benefits bestowed by meditative and contemplative practices. In this workshop, various breathing, standing, walking, and testing of the “energy” techniques will be taught for you to use anytime, anywhere.
  2. Yang 24 Short Form Taijiquan: Intro and Refinement – Sf. YuZhi Lu
    This is a great workshop for people new to taijiquan (tai chi chuan) who want to get a feel of the world’s shortest and easiest, recognized taijiquan form. Based on the Traditional Yang Long Form, which is over 100 postures, this form is only 24 postures. People new to this form can briefly “try it out,” while folks who already know this form will get refinement from Master Lu, who is credentialed from China to teach this taijiquan form for its standardization. Take the opportunity to enjoy some taiji practice with a taijiquan form that is becoming the most popular form of taijiquan (tai chi chuan) practiced today.
  3. What is the Upper Hand Process and Overview of I Liq Chuan – Sf. Sam Chin
    I Liq Chuan is literally translated as “Mental-Physical Martial Art.” Its core is centered on cultivating consciousness as based on the philosophies of Taoism and Zen. Learn about the special “upper hand process,” which can be practiced with a partner or used creatively in push hands exercises. The overview of I Liq Chuan and its unique skill sets will be taught hands on, along with its eastern philosophical concepts.
  4. Using Herbal Medicine for Healing (Special Vendor Presentation) – Edna Mieles
    Ms. Mieles comes from a family line of herbal healing knowledge. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn what herbs are used for what, and in ways you perhaps have not come across before. She will share her knowledge, answer your questions, and educate you about what she has learned and used successfully in real life. Pure herbal preparations will also be conveniently available for purchase right at Tai Chi Gala for anyone who desires.
10:00 – 11:30 AM SAMPLES FROM 2016. 2017 INFO COMING SOON!
  1. Taijiquan Martial Secrets of “Crossing The Great River” – Dr. John Painter
    Very few in the internal and external martial arts truly understand the meaning associated with “double weighting” when attempting to produce force (jin). This fault is especially obvious in the internal martial art forms seen at tournaments today. Master Wang, Tsung-Yueh wrote, “When one is lopsided, there is a tendency to fall. When there is double-weightiness, there is a tendency toward clumsiness”In this program Dr. John Painter will explain in easy to understand terms, that no matter how you stand, the body’s balance must represent a tai chi diagram with yin and yang balanced so that power is issued but also held in reserve. Your mind and body must not become “double weighted” when practicing your forms or pushing hands. You will be shown ways to use mind and body to move through any martial art form or technique for maximum power with energy in reserve.
  2. Self Healing Techniques for Your Lower Back – Sf. Donald Wong
    Shifu Wong comes from a long family line of martial artists and healers of old China. In this workshop, he will share qigong and energy techniques to help your self-healing of low back pain and stiffness. This is a common problem plaguing modern life that can be helped with these special, 100% natural techniques. How much better would you feel if you could release the tension or pain in your low back?
  3. Internal Push Hands: Power of Breath, Coiling & Internal Chin Na – Sf. Richard Clear
    How do breathwork (qigong) silk reeling/coiling (chan si jin) and qin na (chin na grappling and joint locks) work in push hands? Find out in these specialized push hands games that will allow you to effectively read an opponent’s energy and intent, and how to handle it with the subtler, yet powerful, internal skills. Everyone is welcome.
  4. Yang Form of Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching: Advanced Corrections – Sf. Avi Schneier
    Why is it that no two senior students of Professor Cheng do the form exactly alike? Professor Cheng changed the form many times over his life and gave each student individual corrections based on their body type as well as ability (both physicality and level of relaxation). As such, mimicking just your teacher may not be the best path. As someone who trained with two of his top disciples and has been exposed to many others, Shifu Schneier can give you the advanced corrections you need to move to the next level of mastery.
1:30 – 3:00 PM --SAMPLES FROM 2016. 2017 INFO COMING SOON!
  1. Five Circles: A Master Key to Healing and Power – Dr. John Painter
    The Five Circles method of the Li Clan of professional Chinese bodyguards was created after years of experience with the internal Chinese martial arts of baguazhang, xingyiquan and taijiquan used under battlefield conditions against every conceivable combat method. With the Five Circles form you will learn a unique concept for understanding human movement as used in all offensive and defensive actions of every style of the martial arts as well as how these simple movements can be used as a powerful qigong health method. By applying these principles your internal martial arts can make a quantum leap in all levels from applications to qi stimulation.These simple, yet profound principles allow you to understand how to: generate full body energy (jin) with each move, stimulate the lymphatic system, increased oxygenation of the body, open tight joints and improve flexibility, add dynamic power & speed to your offensive techniques, neutralize strikes, punches or kicks with a simple action; understand the way to guide and control the center of an attacker, and take the attacker’s center away from the first touch. Open to all levels of Skill!
  2. Internal Push Hands: Qi, Yi, Jing & Root – Sf. Richard Clear
    Taijiquan tui shou (tai chi push hands) games teach you sensitivity and rapid internal skill development. Learn how to comprehensively build and use qi (life force energy), yi (intent), jing (martial energy), and develop a powerful root. Though the techniques are combatively effective, they will be taught in a safe and respectful atmosphere so that you’ll have the opportunity to practice with as many people as you want, as well as ask questions from a martial arts expert.
  3. Hung Ga Kung Fu Chi Sau “Sticking Hands” Training and Application – Sf. Sharif Bey
    Hung Ga Kung Fu is a very “internal” martial art. Its sticking hands training teaches one how to become adept at reading opponents and finding the right way to apply the most advantageous offensive and defensive tactics. It also provides a deep psychological exploration of where one is holding fear or imbalance. The awareness of this will lead one to mastering not only their Art, but also their mind and spirit. Every tai chi push hands explorer would benefit greatly from the extra depth that Hung Ga sticking hands can give them.
  4. Using Over The Counter (OTC) Chinese Herbs for Colds, Flu, Allergies, Etc. – Dr. Dale Dugas
    In this workshop Dr. Dale Dugas, AP DOM MAOM Dipl.OM, will introduce you to the world of OTC Chinese Herbal Pills. Hayfever got you down? See what you can do naturally rather than with a prescription medication. Do you catch every bug that comes down the highway? Find out what herbal formula can help you strengthen your immune system. Is a full blown cold hitting you, come see what formula is good for that. Nose blocked more than the Lincoln Tunnel at rush hour? See what formula can help open up your passages without harmful side effects. Traditional Chinese theories will be defined and taught along with the proper formulas.
3:30 – 5:00 PM -- SAMPLES FROM 2016. 2017 INFO COMING SOON!
  1. Chinese Yoga with Healing Qi – Sf. Jianye Jiang
    These special exercises date over 2000 years ago based on exercises depicted on a brocade found in an ancient tomb. Shifu Jiang derived a series of exercises from these, to help modern day people deal directly with their most pressing pain, health, and energy problems. The underlying principles to these exercises are based on patterns, energies, and behaviors of certain animals. For example, “turtle” Chinese yoga methods are used for prolonging life; “snake” movements unlock the energy circulation in the spine and release tension out of the back. These exercises are especially important to learn as they are simple, effective, and can be done anywhere without special equipment.
  2. Complete Iron Palm: Inside and Out – Dr. Dale Dugas
    Have you ever thought about training your hands without harming them? Come see what Dr. Dale Dugas AP DOM can teach you. Real Iron Palm does not have you damaging your hands but strengthening them. Iron Palm is 80% internal with many exercises trained before hitting your hands on a bag full of medium. Instruction will include all foundation exercises needed to train safely and progressively. Internal exercises, visualizations, methods of conditioning the hands and fingers as well as internal and external herbal formulas needed.
  3. The Circular Patterns of Wu Mei Pai Kung Fu – Sf. Ken Lo
    Nearly universal in all Chinese martial arts, the circle will be discussed and practiced in all its complexity in terms of movements, reasoning, effort and energy.We’ll explore the use of circular forms, which when stretched, become spirals.As always, the goal is to perform the learned movements efficiently, comfortably, continuously, and seamlessly as in the bagua circle. No prior experience in Wu Mei Pai is needed, yet all attendees’ prior martial art training will be utilized.
  4. Qigong Tui Shou (Push Hands) – Sf. Stephen Watson
    Qigong too often exists entirely within our private practice, unseen by any partner. Push Hands, similarly, is something never private, never as sacredly personal as our meditative life. Like the yin and the yang, these two seemingly separate (and lonely) practices are not meant to exist apart and in opposition; they are meant to dynamically interact and give rise to one another.Let’s explore, within push hands (partnered sensitivity/balance exercises), internal cultivation’s and observations for our self as well as for our partner. Qigong and Tui shou share as their focus a dance toward, from and with balance. Discovering balance, reasserting balance, recovering balance. Participants will work with 2- or 3- person short sets for developing inner understanding as it relates to outer expressions.
7:00 – 10:30 PM (Special Event!)

Friendship Demos, followed by our BIG BONFIRE, drumming circle, musicians’ jam, and fun packed evening!  Bring your chair or mat – there will be amphitheatre outdoor style seating as well!  Don’t forget your blanket and marshmallows!

Sunday, June 4

6:00 – 7:00 AM

Early breakfast will also be open! — SAMPLE FROM 2016.  2017 INFO COMING SOON!

Bai Si Fang: To Enhance Your Understanding of Tai Chi – Sf. Violet Li

Bai means “worshiping” in Chinese. Si Fang means “four sides.” Bai Si Fang consists of six unique movements along with four major Chen Style tai chi chuan movements of: Buddha Pounding Mortar, Lazily Tying Coat, Six Sealings & Four Closings, and Single Whip. It focuses mainly on the four principle tai chi methods including: peng (ward-off), lu (diversion or rollback), ji (squeezing) and an (pressing downwards), with a couple of techniques of zhou (elbowing) and kao (shoulder bumping). Bai Si Fang allows you to learn various Chen Style silk reeling (chan si jing) movements along with important footwork and stances. This form has been used for competition both in China and aboard. It serves as great foundation training for Chen Style tai chi. It has 19 movements total and can offer significant health benefits if practiced on a regular basis.

8:00 – 9:30 AM -- SAMPLE FROM 2016. 2017 INFO COMING SOON!
  1. Yin Yang Medical Qi Gong – Sf. Jianye Jiang
    After researching and meditation on the most potent forms of Chinese qigong, Shifu Jiang created the Yin Yang Medical Qigong set. It is mainly comprised from the forms of White Crane, Goose, Wisdom, and “Fragrant” Qigong movements and philosophical principles. It also incorporates use of the body’s organs and acupressure points, to bring increases and corrections to your health concerns, sense of vitality, mood, and qi (life force energy). It is simple to learn. Videos will be available at Shifu Jiang’s vending area for people who wish to practice along with it anytime and anywhere to reap the benefits.
  2. Importance of Getting to Know Your Yin Yang Muscles w/ Balance & Sticky Energy – Sf. Sam Chin
    I Liq Chuan is a sort of style of kung fu that develops physical sensitivity and mindful awareness. Because of its comprehensive focus on principles, it does not develop habitual techniques for dealing with only limited particular situations. In this workshop, learn hands-on special kung fu skills that teach you interesting things about your muscles and your opponent’s – and how this special knowledge gives you the edge in developing your balance and sticking energy. This can be used solo in your practice, or employed in push hands and “sticky hands” partner work. Rare and interesting.
  3. Hung Ga Kung Fu Knife Combatives – Sf. Sharif Bey
    Learn principles of blade defense and offense that are uniquely derived from the broadsword methods of Hung Ga Kung Fu. Anyone who is interested in any broadsword style, or who has practiced broadsword forms of any martial art, will gain rare skills of being able to take that knowledge and experience and adapt it to common knife work. Practical and insightful advice and hands-on opportunities await you.
  4. Introduction to Sun Style Taijiquan (The Tai Chi of Sun, Lu-Tang) – Sf. Avi Schneier
    Sun Lu Tang was a famous Chinese internal arts master, and founder of the syncretic Sun Style tai chi form that incorporated elements of tai chi, bagua and other internal arts. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of this style of tai chi, including the first section of the international competition routine, and deep understanding of the fundamentals of this form in terms of its creation and application.
10:00 – 11:30 AM -- SAMPLE FROM 2016. 2017 INFO COMING SOON!
  1. Yiquan’s Zhan Zhuang Meditation for Inner Peace & Stronger Qi – Sf. Wang RenGang
    Yiquan is derived from the Chinese internal art of “xing yi quan” – a sister martial art to taijiquan (tai chi chuan) and baguazhang. Yiquan looks simple on the outside, to any unknowing observer. But those who can understand, and can unlock its deep principles, experience an amazing surge of progress not only in the Arts that they practice, but also in their wisdom, confidence, intuition, and inner strength. Here you can learn first-hand with a world-renowned expert in yiquan, effective standing meditation techniques to strengthen you from the inside-out.
  2. The Body: Crucible. Altar. Temple. – Sf. Stephen Watson
    Build, repair & restore the body. The body is the source of strength, the abode of contemplation, and the resting place of spirit. Journey with us on an exploration of ancient body technologies, training exercises and energetic embodiments.Prepare for growth. The body is the crucible for the mind-heart alchemies brought into action by your martial art or meditative practices. The body is the temple in which the dual ceases dueling with the non-dual. To have an out-of-body (not to mention, “out of this world”) experience the ancients knew we needed special ways in to our bodies. Those bodies must first be built. Once built, they must continually be repaired. To give to the Body is to give to Spirit. In this workshop, discover how.
  3. Cha Do: The Way of Tea (Chinese Tea Ceremony) – Sf. Ken Lo
    In this friendly 2-hours ceremony we will enjoy very fine, rare, Chinese “High Skill” teas originating from Tea Master Lo Chien Wu. The tea will be served in a set of two cups, a tall aroma cup that concentrates the tea mist to release wonderful aromas reminiscent of flowers, cream, grass and caramel, and a short cup that cools the tea to present rich tastes that are earthy, fresh, green and sweet. The highest level teas bring your consciousness to the “realms of heaven” and may lead to spontaneous meditation, which is why special tea and Buddhism have been closely linked. Museum quality “yi xing” tea pots recently brought back from China will be used, and of course the best teas in Master Lo’s collection will be presented for participating attendees to enjoy.Due to the high expense of the rare materials used, a materials fee of $35 cash is required of all participating attendees to reserve their spot for this two hour event. Others are welcome to observe without participating at the tables. From 10 am – 12 noon.
  4. Silent Open Communal Space in Shaker Room for Quiet Meditation or Contemplation
    Sometimes the best communication is done in silence. Take the opportunity to bask in constructive, contemplative group energy, while allowing your other intuitive senses to develop in the beautiful silence.
1:30 – 3:00 PM (Special Event!)

Tug-of-War – Test Your Rooting Skills!

FUN!  What more need we say?

Closing & Energy of Gratitude Ceremony — w/ Shifu Loretta Wollering & Tai Chi Gala Staff

A low-key, casual, but meditative way to close off the weekend’s energy. Join Sf. Loretta in this interactive moment to silently offer our gratitude to the good that is in our mind, body and lif, and focusing on expanding the good that is present for us and others. Feel free to meditate, pray, contemplate, or just breathe, in a moment of goodness and circle of qi and light. Step into the center of the circle and absorb the positive and healing qi that is directed to you.  A very metaphysical experience.  Special “grounding” techniques will be shown that you can use, to center your energy thereafter and keep your spirit feeling strong as you depart this year’s amazing weekend.  Manifest a beautiful remainder of the year for yourself.

Dr. Painter’s Gathering of the Baguazhang Circle

JUNE 5-8, 2017

This 4-weekday workshop follows the Tai Chi Gala. Led by one of the world’s leading authorities of baguazhang (pa kua chang), Dr. John Painter. This powerful Chinese internal martial art is known for its sophisticated spiraling martial applications. Read below what incredible treasures are in store for you…

Dr. Painter’s Gathering of the Baguazhang Circle: EXACT TOPIC TBA!

We will spend four full days training the Nine Dragon Baguazhang (TBA) Palm in two sessions of morning and afternoon, with a special added evening session featuring a baguazhang weapons method.

The program will include:

  • Power standing forms for (TBA) Palm
  • Linear Walking Nei-gong for all shapes of (TBA) Palm
  • Proper biomechanics of circle walking
  • Secrets of Dragon Body Energy
  • Neutralize full power strikes with light touch
  • Circle walking
  • Centering games
  • Baguazhang push hands with
  • Real World practical martial applications

About Water Palm, or “Liao Zhang” — SAMPLE FROM 2016.  2017 INFO COMING SOON!

Water energy can be soft and gentle, or when forced through a narrow inlet it can have immense focused force. Water energy adapts to the circumstance and situation. It can be as difficult to trap as a vapor or steam, as solid as ice or as difficult to embrace as a liquid. It lifts, pulls, pushes, or swallows up; flows toward or away from and takes the shape of the place or receptacle into which it flows. Yet, no matter what the outer form, the inner emotional energy is one of quiet peace reflecting its surroundings.

Jiulong Baguazhang’s Liao-Zhang (Water Palm) is famous for its Dragon Body power. This is a method of coiling and twisting torso movements to absorb strikes, and stick to and project or throw an opponent with what appears to be almost no force.

>>>>> Open To All Levels <<<<<

This will be a very intense workshop. If you are a beginner to this system of baguazhang or if you have no experience with baguazhang you will be able to learn a complete system of essential circle walking and qigong using the Water Palm methods, plus martial applications that you will be able to use with a few months of consistent practice.

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