Returning 2025! Memorable Moments, Unforgettable Experiences

Born from the original Tai Chi Farm’s “Zhang San Feng Festival” until 1998, the Tai Chi Gala operated until 2019. Rising from the ashes, this tai chi fest once again promises to engage you in an unforgettable, energetic, and FUN exploration of Tai Chi, the Chinese Internal Martial Arts, and Holistic Health. Welcoming to ALL and forgotten by none.

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In the true tradition of the late tai chi maverick, Jou Tsung Hwa, Shigong, Tai Chi Gala attendees have only felt nothing but welcomed, engaged, and “at home” with our amazing presenters and unusual topics.

Our event is YOUR event. It’s set up to allow you to customize choosing categories and activity levels to fit your needs.

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As one of the leading events in the Tai Chi and Chinese Internal Arts field, we promise you cordial and quality service.

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Read testimonials from our past participants about their experience with our events and the quality of our planning and execution.

All tai chi, bagua, etc, workshops coming 2025.


Tai Chi Fest coming 2025


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